Our Story

Big Red Bow Limited began in 2022. Post Covid and post my well paid corporate procurement job! A scary but super exciting time for the Humphrey clan! Let me introduce you to the team… We are Tania, Greg and Mimi (the Sharpei) Humphrey. We live in a beautiful Oxfordshire village in a cute little house with a big garden.

Our Company

Our company is my dream and my brainchild but I am working alongside my super supportive and amazing husband, Greg. Who also happens to be a creative genius which is extremely helpful. During 2021 I was struggling with my mental health and suddenly finding that the job I’d always enjoyed and the corporate world, had become a huge challenge. Something about the lockdowns, significant changes in the company and me getting older, made me reassess my whole lifestyle. I took an extended period away from work to feel better and to think about what I wanted from my work life. I’ve always been creative, I love painting, sewing, interiors, gardening. I just love making things look nice. My favourite time of year is Christmas when I set aside at least one entire day to wrap my gifts. Festive music on, all my lovely papers and ribbons around me, the odd mince pie..! I thought.. ‘well I love gift wrapping, can I make a business out of that?’ And that was the acorn from which my business emerged. My husband is fully on board to support with the logistics and even created a new office for me, especially designed for wrapping! What a man!

Early Stages

At the time of writing this, we are still in the early stages of developing our brand and website so expect to see some exciting changes. We’re keen to evolve the sustainable side of wrapping, so much waste is created from making things look pretty, especially at Christmas! And we want to ensure we’re offering the key services that you, our customer, need so that you can completely hand over your gift buying/wrapping/delivery requirements to us. Or, if you don’t want to completely hand it over, you can select the services that will help you. Let us free up some of your valuable time so you can do other fun things whilst we manage all your gift requirements! We want our business to be accessible to everyone, easy to use, efficient and reliable. We have lots of lovely ideas for wrapping, have a look at our gallery for ideas, and can offer a full end to end service or just wrap one special gift to a beautiful standard.


We are passionate about wrapping and our business so let us know what you would like from our service. Your feedback will help us improve and create a bespoke package to fit your needs. We can’t wait to meet you! Tania, Greg and Mimi at Big Red Bow..